Robo Trading System

Robo Trading

What Is Robo Trading?

Robo Trading is a class of financial adviser that provide financial advice or Investment management online with moderate to minimal human intervention. They provide digital financial advice based on mathematical rules or algorithms. These algorithms are executed by software and thus financial advice do not require a human advisor. The software utilizes its algorithms to automatically allocate, manage and optimize clients’ assets.

A Robo Advisor can be a good solution for someone who does not want to hire a financial advisor, doesn’t have enough assets to hire a financial advisor yet, or for someone who has typically been a do-it-yourself investor, but no longer wants to select investments, rebalance and place trades on their accounts.

How do Robo Trading Work?

Robo Advisors Work

Robo Advisors can automatically select investments and build a diversified portfolio for you. Once your funds are invested, on an ongoing basis, the software automatically makes changes to the investments to align your portfolio back to a target allocation. Some robo advisors even automatically make trades that can help reduce your tax bill; a process called tax-loss harvesting.

These low-cost online Robo Advisors can help you build a better portfolio. Here’s how they work.

Each Robo-Advisor is different but they tend to operate in a similar fashion:

  • Complete a brief questionnaire to assess your investment needs—anything from retirement planning to buying a new car.
  • The Robo-Advisor automatically builds you a diversified portfolio of Exchange-Traded Funds (ETFs)—selected by a team of investment professionals.
  • Experts regularly monitor market activity and every underlying investment to ensure your portfolio is rebalanced appropriately by a sophisticated algorithm—all so you don’t have to.
  • Some Robo-Advisors include access to live consultants or Certified Financial Planner professionals who can help further hone and personalize your financial plan.
  • Log in to your account to track your progress, make adjustments, add contributions, and continue working toward new goals.

Pro KiT Robo Trading System

Pro KiT Robo Trading System

The main advantage of Pro KiT Robo Software is that It’s low-cost alternatives to traditional advisors. By eliminating human labor, online platforms can offer the same services at a fraction of the cost. Most robo-advisors charge an annual flat fee of 0.2% to 0.5% of a client’s total account balance. That compares with the typical rate of 1% to 2% charged by a human financial planner, and potentially more for commission-based accounts. Our Robo Software are also more accessible. They are available 24/7 as long as the user has an Internet connection. Furthermore, it takes significantly less capital to get started, as the minimum assets required to register for an account are typically in the hundreds to thousands.

Special Features

Pro KiT Software Automated Robo Trading System is designed by our high qualified Technical professionals. It’s continuously scanning and monitoring your trades. It has many Special and Unique Features like –

  • Flexible & No Programming is Required
  • Easily Integrated Automated System
  • Affordable Auto Trading Robo Software in India
  • Evaluating mode to to check the real time functions and profitability of Charts.
  • Artificial Intelligence- Robo Trading in India /Intelligent Performance
  • Best- Automated Robo Trading Software In India
  • Included Buy, Sell, Stop Loss, and Target with built-in Automated Trading System Design.
  • 100% Technical Analysis Software
  • Facility to set a particular time for entering and exit the market
  • Various type of quantity management
  • Message and Email Alert
  • Option Strategy Automation
  • Thus it is smarter way to earn more money.


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