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  • Above 96% Accuracy
  • Support All Multiple Platforms
  • 100% Profit

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Why choose us for Indicator?


The software shows the best target with custom programmed and indicator analyzed from the history which helps trader to book future profit.


Pro Kit Software protect your capital. Keeping these entire things in mind our software is designed to protect against trailing stop loss.


Identify the key trends with extremely accurate support and resistance point. To detect false call our software & price channel plot and market condition.


Pro KiT 100% Best Accurate Buy Sell Signal Software

Automatically shows Green arrow when buy signal and Red arrow when sell signal.

  • Shows target and trailing stoploss lines.
  • The software is developed on MT4 or Amibroker.
  • Even Beginners can use it easily.
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Amazing Features

Prokit amazing features list.


Pro KiT software gives you a perfect lavel of buy sell signal for all the segments in the stock market enabling more than 95% accuracy in a signal.


You will get a sound alert popup instantly on your screen if you receive any signal in real time. This attribute helps you to identify your trading range.


Our software works on the Word most popular platform you can easily configure our BUY-SELL signal software if you have an account with MT4 or Amibroker.

Mobile Access

Pro KiT can be used in Android, Windows,iPhones, Blackberry. It supports all the OS platforms.

Intraday/Positional Trading

Entry & Exit on the same day. Less Risk of loss since you can loss maximum 80% of your capital. Pattern of movement and Graphical study is required. One time profit on a long run.


Our software is designed in such a way that it works for NSE, BSE, MCX, SGX and Forex market with the advanced indicator.

Frequently Asked Questions

what strategy the Pro KiT Software works?

Pro KiT Software is a advanced trading tool comprising of more than 12 indicators leading, lagging and confirming indicators that includes: RSI, MACD, MA, Bolinger Band and many more. Most importantly, it scans the past status of the market and generates profitable signals.

I am new to trade, I don't know to read charts. How will the software help me?

The software has been designed in a way to help a man from basic to professional. It is so easy that it can be used even by a layman. However we provide you a complete training once you purchse the software.

Does your software works on mobile?

Pro KiT works on Android, IOS, Blackberry phones, Desktop, Laptop, Ultrabook, Tablet etc.

I work on all the segements of Indian Market. Will you provide all?

Yes, It complete package of Indian market that includes NSE Cash, Future, Option, MCX, NCDEX, Currency. However we also provide FOREX, COMEX. Moreover our software works on AmiBroker, MetaStock, MetaTrader and NinjaTrader.

I’m completely new to trading, will I be able to use your software?

Yes, absolutely. Even if you are completely new you can easily use our platform because our system comes with intuitive and easy to understand graphical user interface.

Whether the paid amount is refundable?

No, we are giving the opportunity to check the performance of Trade Maker Trading system in live market FREELY with our FREE REAL TIME DEMO. So the you have the all facility to make clear about the performance of software and its use in real time, and you have the privilege to make the decision to purchase the software after the FREE DEMO. Considering all these factors the amount paid once it will not be refunded at any cost.

If I have any doubt or technical issue while trading, How will u help me?

We have online services round the clock. You can contact us through Live chat, Phone calls, WhatsApp or Mail. We teach you how to operate the software till you understand the entire features of it.

I want to use the software at my office and home. Is it possible?

Yes possible. You can use the software in two places provided we install the software at your office PC and Home. However you can use the softwares alternatively.

What People Are Saying.

One word, “Amazing”. I did Intraday trading in Bank Nifty last day of this week with 350 points profit. Excited about next week.



Thanks for Prokit Trading that’s bring me into a real trading life, actually it provided a nice and clean channel to make our account more profitable.
Prokit is amazing. I am very much an inexperienced trader (3months) and up to a week ago have been following signals from other traders but now I am using it and gaining profit.
I bought the yearly plan. Within 2 hours of opening I got nice profit with the help of Prokit Trading Software.

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